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New Law Affecting School Construction/Reimbursement

Stam Law Firm, PLLC is pleased to initiate a series of short blog posts on educational issues affecting both public and private schools. There are constant developments in this area of law that may interest you. This first installment addresses a new law that became...

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The Greater Charter of Liberty

I am Paul Stam from Apex. I thought it would be interesting for the very first forum of the campaign to be reminded of first principles. From the internet you find Magna Charta of 1215 and learn about the orgins of some of our laws. For example, "Proposition 13"...

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Land Transfer Tax is a Bad Idea

The new state budget for 2007-2008 (HB 1473) allows counties to impose a tripling of the land transfer tax from .2% to .6% if approved by the voters in an advisory referendum. But there has been little discussion about the merits of this tax and why it is a...

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Appellate Cases

NC Supreme Court Delconte v. North Carolina (home schooling upheld), 313 NC 384 (1985) Amicus for the Rutherford Institute Maready v. Winston-Salem (economic incentives upheld), 342 NC 708 (1996) Amicus for John Locke Foundation Pulliam v. Smith - (custody/change of...

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